Welcome to the official website of independent music label ATP MUSIC! Our main goal is to bring quality, original music and to support independent music scene. We are here to help you with your own creative music projects, too. Here are two possibilities of music recording and production - either in professional recording studio J&K Acoustic or through "LBRP" (Low Budget Recording Projects) in HomeStudioPS. With us you can either create high quality studio recording or original song / demo using less demanding / cheaper techniques of recording and production. It is all up to you! In the next sections you can find more information and original music products from our musicians:



What do we offer

POSSIBILITIES TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT MUSIC UNDER ATP MUSIC. We offer to our music artists help with composing, producing and publishing their own independent musical work. Experience the life of being a musician, reach valuable music skills and make first steps to Your own music career! For more information about the cooperation terms, please feel free to let us know through our contact email. The specific terms of cooperation will be designed after the review and approval of your music ideas or projects. If possible, please send us samples of your music, too.




ATP MUSIC in gameplay

Recording studio J&Kacoustic




Headphone amplifiers:


Schoeps MK21 2x(matched pair) Focusrite Saffire56 2ch Steinberg Nuendo 4
Audio Technica AT4040 Behringer HA8000 8ch


Audio Technica AT4031

Mic preamplifiers:

Univerzal Audio
Oktava MK319 2x(matched pair) Focusrite Saffire56 6x SSL Duende
Oktava MK012 cardiod 4x(matched pair) Focusrite Liquid 2x PSP, Sonnox Oxford....
Oktava MK012 omni 2x(matched pair) SSL-9000 series 4x

Softver Syntetizers

Oktava MK102 4x(matched pair) Tesla EVK326 10x Arturia Analog Experience
Line Audio CM3,OM3 2x(matched pair) Behringer Mic200 Native Instruments B4
Recording Tools MC520 4x

HW Equalizers:

Native Instruments FM8
Audix D6 Tesla EVK326 10x Korg MonoPoly
Shure SM57 3x

HW Compresors:

Korg MS20
Shure SM58 2x Tesla EKL038 10x Korg M1
Shure PG57 2x

HW Multiefects:

Steinberg Cubase...
Behringer ECM8000 Lexicon MX200

Guitar amplifiers



Echolette M40
Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A mkII Yamaha S90Es w. PLG100VH plugin card Bohm Kligental MV3
Dynaudio Acoustics Sub30 Hammond T200 Bohm Kligental Regent 30H
Behritone C50 Roland VK77 w. Leslie and full pedal board Tesla EA1100

ADDA converters:

Arturia The Laboratory 61 Tesla KZ8
Focusrite Saffire 56 8ch August Forster grandpiano model IV Tesla AZK201
Behringer ADA8000 16ch Roland XV3080 soundmodule Tesla AZK401


Bass amplifires

Tesla Mono50
Beyerdynamic DT770Pro EBS


Audio Technica ATH T22 Markbass Sivcak
Superlux H660 3x Fender